Grids for Game Maker  1.2
A Grids Library for Game Maker
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Grids for Game Maker Documentation
Herman Tulleken

This is the API documentation. For more documentation, see


Version 1.2

  • Added rectangular and diamond grids
  • Added a function for creating convex polygon shapes using a list of vertices
  • Added a function for calculating the perpendicular of a vector

Version 1.1

  • Added generic map conversion functions (gl_map_grid2world and gl_map_world2grid).
  • Added a convenience function to center a grid in a rectangle.
  • Added more map functions to deal with distance, size, and snapping.
  • Added a function to select a random point from a grid.
  • Added functions to select radom points from a list.
  • Added a function that filter points of a grid based on their color index.
  • Added connection algorithms.
  • Added more functions to work directly with vectors and rectangles when deling with Game Maker objects.
  • Added a function for adding all items of one list to another.
  • Added a function to delete an item from a list of points (vectors).